Container trucking

Ship owning companies:

EuroLogistica aims to provide trucking services to ship owning companies in need of transport of containers from the different sea ports in Panama to their clients throughout the country.
Either the ship owning companys or EuroLogisticas container chassis can be used.

Importing companies:

For importing companies we pull out their incoming container from the sea port and deliver the container to their premises. The customer can decide to unload the cargo immediately or we disconnect the chassis and we pick up the empty container the moment we get the instruction from the customer; so we can deliver the empty container to the yard of the ship owning company.

Exporting companies:

For exporting companies we pick up the empty container from the yard of the ship owning company, deliver it to their warehouse. Depending on the agreed type of service, our driver waits during loading the truck, or he comes back later on to pick up the loaded container.

Our driver will deliver the loaded container + customs documents to the desired sea port.